Laws of the Universe: What Is the Purpose of Tragic Loss?

Have you experienced loss, or know of someone who suffered what seemed to be an unexplainable loss? I certainly have in my life. I lost my father seven years ago in a car accident and the nature of it was unexplainable to me. I could not comprehend why this had occurred. It happened at a time when I was on my journey of understanding the laws of the universe, or at least beginning to understand the basics. I had been searching my entire life to understand this internal connection to something I felt, and the disconnection to organized religion I could not explain.By the time of the car accident, I had been studying teachers of Law of Attraction for approximately three years, and these teachings were helpful to an extent with the initial feelings I experienced about the loss. However, the primary teacher of Law of Attraction, who I have followed until recently, states that there is no death experience and always seemed to talk around the subject of death, rather than talk about it. I never received any answers about this subject, and I listened to other teachers. It seemed that Law of Attraction, as a teaching, could not fully address the subject of death. This is why teachers of Law of Attraction have to talk around the subject, rather than focus on it.I understand the concept of Eternal Energy, and I know we are connected as humans, which means I can connect to the energy of my father through focused thought. But to me, this still does not explain the event of losing him in the first place. I set the question aside until recently, when I heard of a tragic story involving parents who lost a newborn baby. This baby had a brain tumor and struggled from the time of birth, through an extensive operation, and attempt to survive, only to lose its life. I could see and sense the anguish the parents experienced. This reawakened the question I have held for so long about the purpose of tragedy. This question has now led me to ask for answers.I have been nurturing my lifelong connection to Infinite Wisdom in a very focused manner recently, and now I am beginning to gain wisdom about this topic. Like most topics, it is profound in nature and my ability to understand what I can learn about it is somewhat limited by the nature of my own vocabulary and human mind. I will share with you what I have learned, to help you if you have experienced such a loss.A universal truth is this: Mankind is driven to excel, to innovate, to create, and reach for greater wisdom while faced with challenges and problems.

This is a problem-based existence. Every great invention, all progress, all innovation, all evolution in society and throughout time, is the result of problems and challenges. If these challenges did not exist, man would not need a reason to look within to question, to explore, to search, to seek out answers, to understand, to fight, to solve, or to change whatever they believe is the cause of the problem.Many of the challenges and problems that present itself to mankind are the result of man’s existence, interaction, growth, progress, and other related factors. Some problems and challenges are natural and related to the elements of the universe, which are also planned according to the greater needs of man, according to the Infinite Wisdom of man and what is needed to balance the energy of the planet and solar system.Individual Problems and ChallengesSome of the problems and challenges faced by mankind are individual in nature rather than something a collective society must address. It is the individual challenges and problems which can set the course of a man or a woman, determine who they are or will become, guide their life, shape their future, and create their ultimate destiny.Problem and Challenge FocusedBut mankind is problem and challenge focused. Problems and challenges are necessary if a man or woman wants to experience their fullness, if they want to come into their own, if they want to learn of their very essence, and know who they really are as a person. The challenge for most people, related to problems, is the negative connotation associated with the very idea that someone has been faced with a problem.When a person has a series of problems, they call it being under a dark cloud. The label depression has been given to people who cannot accept the power they have to control and resolve their own problems. This is often due to religious teachings and a feeling of external control for what happens to a person’s life. When there is a problem, people are taught to pray. Then if they have met the right conditions, served penance, did not anger the supreme being, and followed the right set of rules, they will likely receive help with their problem.The Big ChallengesThen there are people who love the idea of battling big challenges so they can state that they fought and won, they survived, and proclaim their victory to the world, believing it will inspire others as well. They form groups, have assigned or designated colors, announce their victories, and seek to achieve great recognition in public for their valiant efforts of conquering this challenge or series of challenges.But at the heart of all of this is an individual process. Man or woman is faced with a problem or challenge, and then they must choose, or not choose, to address it.As part of being a problem-based existence, it is possible for mankind, man, or woman, to purposely introduce problems and challenges, to prompt innovation, change, progress, and forward thinking or creativity. Sometimes this is done as part of life’s journey, and sometimes it is preplanned.Seeing the Bigger PictureFor those who understand, or at least can begin to comprehend, the fact mankind is the source of life and is Endless Energy, and that the physical existence is merely cells added to energy already in existence, and that they are in control and no one else; then these are the men and women who are awakening to the universal laws and truths.What this means for mankind is that an existence on Earth, in physical form, is already preplanned; not by a supreme being, but by the essence of energy that is man.This plan for existence on Earth can be amended to some degree once man or woman is here, but the plan remains. This plan includes details about challenges and problems which will be included at certain points, to help prompt growth, giving man or woman a point of self-discovery.The Challenge of LossOne of these problems or challenges is facing loss. Every person connected to a man or a woman’s existence is part of a plan. Their timing is known ahead of time, their involvement was agreed upon, and the length of time in the person’s life is known at a subconscious or Endless Energy level, whether the time period is long or short, pleasant or disturbing. This also includes the arrival and exit of these people in and out of a person’s life.What creates a unique challenge for a man or a woman is sudden loss, especially when it is a seemingly random, senseless, tragic, violent, unplanned, or other similar type of loss; and the person lost was of particular significance. It may be difficult to imagine this type of loss could ever fulfill or serve a purpose. For those who experience this type of loss, they may not move forward from it, and this challenge may keep them trapped in that moment in time indefinitely.

But there will be an eventual time of clarity, when emotions subside, and wisdom flows through the person. A deeply held religious perspective can either prolong the resistance or help to calm a person down, depending upon their choice of words. When a person states they have faith, it means they have a belief that there is a purpose, whether or not they are yet willing to listen and hear it.At some point a person will allow Infinite Wisdom to flow through, even if gradually, and the plan or purpose will begin to become realized, even if the man or woman never full understands it. All relationships have purpose and meaning. The timing of all relationships was made as part of the life created by man or woman while deciding on an existence for Earth. The timing includes the arrival and exit dates of these relationships. All has meaning and purpose, and all is in your control as source energy.Understanding LossWhen a person has experienced a loss of someone they cared about, from one of their relationships, it can be difficult to see its purpose or understand how it could be part of a plan. That is why it is important to listen for Infinite Wisdom to help guide you past your emotions, to show you how this challenge was meant to help you, and how it was part of your plan to begin with in some manner.At its very essence, a deeply emotional challenge can cause a person to look within and rediscover who they are. It can cause an awakening to one’s true self. This challenge can also draw a person closer to their mate and create a bond, which provides unity and strength. The loss might also lead to prompting a bigger purpose, such as helping others with a similar situation, depending upon the type of loss or circumstances surrounding it, even leading to changes in society.You as source energy, the Endless Energy, the creator of life, developed a unique plan for your life. When you discover your purpose, which may come about through challenges and problems that have been preplanned, you will find not only your personal strength, you will discover your true personal power and connection to the energy which creates all of life and is nurtured by mankind’s existence.